Tomislav Šestak

Profile of Tomislav Šestak

  • Date of birth: 15.11.1973
  • Hometown: Koprivnica, Croatia
  • Activities: Carp fishing, Zander fishing, Pike fishing, Catfish fishing and saltwater fishing
  • Joined the Team: 14.01.2015


I joined the Prologic team because they have always had interesting products and I liked the way marketing was done. And at the same time, I was honored to be able to join such a brand. 

My first choice is carp fishing, my second choice is predator fishing using the spinning technique, and I also do a lot of fishing at sea using the so-called vertical jigging technique.



For me, fishing is the best and most important sport on the planet. Because it is a very versatile sport, you can constantly adopt new fishing techniques that you can then perfect your whole life, which is a challenge for me.
And another very important reason is the fishing equipment that is constantly being improved, so I have the opportunity to try new products and continue to improve my techniques.


The three keys to success

  • Being presistent
  • Being innovative
  • Puting in more effort