Zsolt Boros

Profile of Zsolt Boros

  • Date of birth: 10.04.1976
  • Current status: Designer, Computer graphic
  • Hometown: Sárbogárd, Hungary
  • Activities: Bolie fishing, Carp fishing
  • Joined the Team: 01.10.2015


I'm having a large part of my days with graphic design and drawing in the office. Fishing is a little piece of my heart; it was always with me during my life. It seems I am lucky in this sport; it's rare if the fishing ends without fish. My friends are of the opinion that it is not luck but knowledge. I believe them! :) I have always longed to join such a wonderful team like Prologic, where my opinion is considered important. Years ago, I was a member of several well-known companies as a test angler but these were limited to offering baits. I took it as a great honor when I could join to Hungarian team of Prologic in 2015 and then to the International team of Prologic. My favourite method is boilie fishing for big carp in which I keep in mind the British mentality: catch and release. That is why only sea fish is on my menu and my catches are only in the photo album.  I enjoy fishing no matter if I have to cast from the bank or use a boat. The bigger the water the bigger the challenge.


Fishing has taught me a lot in my life, it helped me go through the tough moments. The beauty and the calmness of nature worth everything. I have been fishing since I was 6-7 years old. I found pleasure in catching small fishes like anyone else. As time goes on, I set more and more goals. When I was 18, I met with boilie and the mentality that should carry at Lake Balaton the largest lake in Central Europe. Catch and release. I have been fishing on countless lakes and backwaters.  The days are being never the same.  I love minimal scuba fishing where I have to look for fish. However, I also prefer one-week tent "comfort" fishing even in December in minus degrees. The key to success is you do it for the result. In my free time, I do many sports; ride a bike, go to gym and go hiking with my family during which we explore other wonderful fishing waters

The three keys to success

  • Do not hesitate to try new techniques, baits when you are not catching.
  • Break the mound, try something different! Do what works for you, not what works for everyone else.
  • Always stay positive and confident of catching