Lighten your load without compromising on the kit you need for fishing with the Element compact carp barrow. This tough barrow is designed to be used in conjunction with your bedchair, utilising its legs to serve as your side rails. This allows for a much smaller and lighter transport size, which is also quicker and easier to set-up. The front wheel has been specifically positioned to perfectly optimise balance, ensuring your load is equally distributed across the barrow, while the fold-flat front rail keeps your load in place while transporting. The height of the handles are fully adjustable so you can customise it to your height and set it up so you can maneuverer the barrow with straight arms, which gives you more control and results in less fatigue. Getting to your fishing spot when the barrow is fully loaded is a piece of cake thanks to the Big Boy all-terrain pneumatic flotation tyre, which makes light work of even the most severe terrain. Its large size provides better weight distribution even over soft ground and its reinforced 2ply construction offers excellent grip and eliminates drag. In testing, the Big Boy outperformed everything we’ve ever used. To take your Element compact barrow even further we have designed a full range of hard-wearing and weather resistant EVA drop-in luggage (not included), which further boosts the carrying capacity of the barrow while keeping a low centre of gravity to ensure it remains stable.
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Product number: PLL047 -

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• Compact and robust frame
• Optimised balancing point
• Fold-flat front rail
• Quick-release wheel
• Height adjustable handles
• Big Boy all-terrain pneumatic tyre (33cm x 13cm)
• Locking swivel mud feet
• Transport size: 100cm x 68cm x 29cm
• Weight: 11.8kg
• Maximum load: 100kg
• Full range of ELEMENT Storm-Safe EVA barrow luggage available.