Heaps of hard work and innovation from our highly skilled consultancy team has helped produce these new low-profile rod pods – probably the most compact we’ve ever released. The pods are designed to give you multiple options, while reducing the overall amount of kit you need to carry – whether you need a single bank stick, a buzz bar, or even a stylish goalpost set-up, the low-profile pods can cover almost every situation without compromise. The K1 is made from a high-grade, black anodised aluminium, while the K3 is fashioned in a high-modulus, 3k dry-weave carbon fibre – and both boast a strength and stability never seen before on such a compact set-up. The K1 buzzer bars are all fitted with locking collars, meaning the interchangeable buzz bar uprights can be secured with confidence. They are also all fully adjustable via our K1 cam-lock system (torque screw on K3), allowing you to fine tune and adjust your set up accordingly. Once your bite alarms and butt grips have been mounted on the uprights simply remove the upright internals and place them in their very own dedicated storage position within the padded carry case, which provides great protection. The whole system, including the carry case, is designed to help you make the most of your precious time on the bank, resulting in more time fishing and less time wasted.
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• K3: high modulus, 3k dry-weave carbon fibre
• K1: High-grade, black anodised aluminium
• Low centre of gravity
• Multiple set-up options
• Adjustable uprights and centre brace
• Locking collar buzzer bars
• Deluxe padded carry case
• Available in two and three rod configurations