Seam safe works by eliminating the areas where stitching and joins are most likely to come into contact with our catch. By addressing these potentially hazardous areas, we are now able to offer you the ultimate range of Carp Care and fish friendly products available to date. Soft and durable mesh combined with 2 extendible brace supports, separates the main frame apart ensuring optimum water exchange is always maintained. Baffled two-way anti corrosive HD zippers can easily be secured together with the supplied tether cord with EVA float and bank stick secure. The dense solid hood fabric helps by subduing light and reduces heat penetration helping to keep your catch, cool and relaxed while aiding recovery without increased stress. Four sets of carry handles of differing distances apart give you further options of security, allowing for a much better grip and allowing a safer transition to and from the water. Two large weighing straps with centred steel rings allows for effortless and easy weighing.
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Product number: PLF012 -

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• Seam-Safe
• 2 Frame separator supports
• Baffled non corrosive zippers
• Reinforced multi point carry handles
• Weighing handles with centred steel rings
• Quick dry ultra-soft mesh
• Supplied with tether cord/zip secure
• Carry bag included
• Available in 2 size options